Who's the Customer Again?


Picture of someone disliking the computer they're in.

As a relatively recently minted librarian I'm still shocked and amazed at the skewed relationships between libraries and many vendors - especially systems and services vendors. Too often vendors are dictating software developments or terms and conditions to libraries with librarians frequently accepting the hits. In already tenuous budget situations, it's hard to believe that fighting back isn't a more common response.


Last week I attended the USETDA conference in Claremont, California. I don't currently deal with ETDs (electronic theses and dissertations) at my institution since we're still on a paper process, however this conference made a lot of things clear that I hadn't thought about in the workflows for ETDs (and for institutional repository workflows in general).

I still think Sheryl Sandberg rules


Today, the Daily Beast posted an article about Sheryl Sandberg claiming that she might be leaning out now instead of leaning in at Facebook.


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Does Facebook feed sense of entitlement?


Today in the Daily Mail, an article discussed the findings of a new study, claiming that college students in the U.S. continue to feel more and more entitled and narcisstic, despite not living up to the same academic standards of their historic peer group. And I have to wonder, how much of this is fueled by the representation or misrepresentation of personalities in social media.


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